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Spending and Saving In Retirement

Our new – free – report is for anyone interested in insights about retirees and pre-retirees in Australia. It is ideal for anyone who works in superannuation, aged care, or in any organisation providing products or services to older Australians

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Why I Wrote This Report

My name is Susan Bell. I run the research agency Susan Bell Research. We specialise in retiree insights research and research with people over 60.

I wrote this report because I was frustrated with media stories about people over 60 in Australia that bore no resemblance to the people we meet in our research.

In this report you will:

  • Learn the Five ‘Blame the Retiree’ narratives to avoid
  • Discover a new model that focusses on wellbeing in retirement, and
  • Learn what retirees themselves want from their retirement

Testimonials From Some Readers

What Real Retirees Think And Do
“This report offers a refreshing perspective based on what real people think and do. It tackles head on many of the unfounded assumptions the financial services industry makes about Australian retirees.”
THE Retirement Researcher!
“Over the last few years Susan Bell has created a special place as THE researcher looking at rethinking what retirement means and how people plan and live out the three or four decades after they hit their 60s. Not every one is the same or plans/creates the same new life they build for themselves.
A Highly Refreshing Report
“Highly refreshing! Susan sweeps away preconceived ideas to find out how real people aged 50 plus view and approach their financial decisions” 

This report will change how you think about retirement – and it is free!

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Susan Bell Research Is A Boutique Market And Social Research Agency

We Are Based In Sydney.

I would love the opportunity to discuss the retiree insights that you need

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant

About Susan Bell Research

Susan Bell Research was founded by Susan Bell in 1994 in Sydney.

We are a market and social research agency. We work with financial services organisations, government and not for profits, and any organisation that cares about the wellbeing of its users, customers, members or stakeholders.